Thursday 19 July 2012

Breaking The Rules.

Granny Weatherwax: "When you break a rule, break it good 'n' hard."
(Even that one?)

My little hatchback was due for it's first MOT today, and service, and two new front tires.  (Meep!)

A look in the service book was interesting.
First year, 6,000 miles,
Second year, 6,000 miles.
This last year: 1,400.  And most of that early on.

I'm not ready to give up driving yet, since I can't walk the 200yds each way to the village shop.  So that's about a once a month run, as is my local town, 8 miles each way.
I'll be surprised if I do over 300 miles in the coming year, only on trips I can't avoid.

But to keep the car up and running  and legal meant driving it 32 miles, sitting quietly for two or three hours and driving 32 miles back.
(I did ask if they would collect and deliver it, whatever the cost, but "throwing money at it"  while sometimes an option to solve problems, wasn't an option this time.)

This was way outside my "five minutes and then rest for fifty-fives" schedule.

But I did it, and was not troubled by the driving: within what I could  do, safely, which is a datum worth having.

But it is also most undoubtedly a case of "borrowing from tomorrow" and going into marked fatigue and energy debt.
I've budgeted for "losing" tomorrow and Saturday as far as doing anything useful or productive is concerned.  I expect to be pretty much like a puppet with cut strings.

Now we shall see whether I am being pessimistic, optimistic or realistic.  Any which way something will be learned.
Possibly "Don't do that again, even if you can.  It's not worth the cost."

We shall see.
Done it now.

Hmm.  Legs feeling like lead and jelly at the same time:
How can they *do* that?

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