Monday 30 July 2012

"Getting the hang of it (mind the banisters)"

The five minutes an hour activity, with a certain limited flexibility, is something I seem to be getting used to, and appears to be somewhere near my sustainable limit.

I suspect if I'm going to get properly un-tired I may have to go at this rest business a little more strictly still, of find a way of accounting for, adding up, those minutes spent going between resting and not resting.

Passing those banisters going up or down stairs for example.  That does add up to a significant percentage of the day's energy "spend" but it doesn't appear on my time-sheets as yet.  Perhaps I shall have to note my average number of level changes per day, and the time they take, and knock off one or more hours (5 + 55) from each day's plan to cover these little "extras"

One good short coughing fit could cost me an hour, including recuperation in proportion.

My gardener comes for two hours a week, and we may be making headway against the weeds, but I'm just realising that unlocking  the back gate, greeting pleasantries and discussing what most needs doing is really another five minutes of activity.  Then going on to do five minutes in the garden myself, as I have tended to do, is really a double shift, unless I bend the rules and spend two hours crashed out.  Even then that's not the target pattern.

These little things add up.
What drops through the letterbox any given day may be no work, or several hour's worth.
Possibly just in the reading.

I'm a little way from shifting pianos.
Or is that a reference lost on a younger generation?

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