Thursday 26 July 2012

Don't Spend It All At Once.

Yes, today it feels as though I've been given something akin to a little bonus of pocket money.  And yes, that does come with a temptation, familiar from childhood, to rush out and spend it.
So much to do, so little energy.
(So many aching muscles!)

My sensible self appears to be winning, insisting on "banking" most of this seeming improvement by doing very little, if anything, extra.
And making sure plenty of "saving" by taking rest also occurs.
Cries of "spoilsport", "miser" and "you're no fun" seem to echo from the distance.

No, it's not easy having fun, or being fun for the sake of others, while sticking to a tight energy / activity budget.
About as much fun as having just one person at the Christmas dinner  table on a strict diet, I should think...
...and I can just imagine all the well-meaning folk saying (for the happiness of the whole gathering, of course ) "I'm sure you can let yourself go just his once."
However that may sit in the dieting world, and I hold no especial brief for party-poopers, with CSF that's an ill-informed invitation to hell.
For some just especially because they want to be able to join in, to be able to please their friends, to just be "normal" for once, for heaven's sake.
But the cost, the cost....

Just occasionally the small network and limited number of friends that tends to be a (far from inevitable) corollary of Asperger's syndrome is almost an advantage.
Especially when "I can give you five minutes" means you actually set the timer, rather than implying "do please note, I  am quite busy" in social code.
When things are that tight, "Don't spend it all at once" is very good advice, even if the "all" is hardly an impressive bundle of loot
(I mean, it could be "blown" in one good long conversation!)

Never mind: today I splashed out a little and had
three loose wires soldered,
two brass domes polished,
and a railway carriage roof stuck down.

Don't ask me about the higher numbers.  Not yet.

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