Tuesday 24 July 2012

♞ An odd day, that...

Another definite ♞ day, which is a bit odd because quite a few things went right.

Mood, OK to good.
Accomplishments: a few small things.
A second train is now sharing the mainline, due to two five-minute weeding sessions and one track-cleaning one.

Groceries arrived and were put away (two fives.)

But throughout the day my arms and legs have ached and felt like lead.
I may be into "new experience" territory.
I'm certainly worse than I was last Tuesday, despite all the rest I've been giving myself, and I have.
A good number of "fives " were not taken, me staying horizontal for longer stretches.

I'm going to give it a few more days of more than target rest, but I'm beginning to suspect I can't just put this down to my (hardly demanding) outing last Thursday.
I'm beginning to think the limbo bar has actually lowered again.

Give it to the end of the weekend: that should give a clearer picture, perhaps.
The bar can't get a lot lower before I have some trouble looking after myself, living alone.

No panic, but I'm certainly noting the proceedings "with interest."

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