Saturday 14 July 2012

"Get your Priorities Straight!"

A favourite saying of my dad's, that, when I was growing up, especially into my teenage years.
"Get your priorities straight" meant, of course, in perfect alignment with his.  It never really occurred to him that any legitimate set of priorities might exist which didn't match his, detail for detail.

It wasn't until I was 48 that I discovered why some of my priorities were such a mismatch for so many of those around me.  Even when I was trying to match theirs and "fit in".
A good solid case of Asperger's does come with seeing the world differently, and carries inevitably a peculiar perspective (mainly old sense peculiar, seen from the inside, mainly new sense peculiar, seen from the outside.)
As a friend at work pushed in my direction, many years ago:

Some distinct variation in priorities and preferences, too.
(This "fashion" thing: I never did understand it at all well until I had it explained by an evolutionary biologist.  To me fashion is largely a verb.  It means, for example, to fix several pieces of wood together with nails.  To fashion.)

And this before the CFS got thrown into the mix, distinctly changing the rules of the game and making some quite firm demands concerning priorities as well.

A quick Google for a few key words reveals...

My daughter is 15 and she usually takes about 3-4 hrs to get ready
 takes me 5 hours to get ready
 it takes me about 3 hours to decide what to wear
it takes 4hours to get ready 
I can never get ready under 4 hours
It takes meat least an hour to do my make-up "

This is not my world, solar system or universe,
and I suspect if any of these individuals became affected by CSF they would face some stark priority choices.

I have to decide whether getting washed at all, or getting dressed at all, give a return on the investment required.
But tomorrow, the forecast is for a dry day, perhaps the first in a fortnight.
And I am going to make the garden a priority (no, not in the nude) while keeping to five minutes on fifty-five off pattern, and only giving up any of the five minute sessions to absolute priorities.
Because I can so choose and I do.
And also to set a benchmark for  what a new-style day in the garden can accomplish, be it little or much.

My priorities.
Straight for me,
for now.
However peculiar.

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