Sunday 29 July 2012

Marbles: not lost, just rearranged.

A good quiet day, with no need to fight to get rest, and no need to fight to do things either.

In A-Team terms spending fifty-five minutes in every hour in complete rest, or in something that's a good approximation to it, isn't that great a plan, but it has at least come together.
All the evidence points to it being the right one for now.  And ME /CFS isn't a problem that gets solved in one hour minus advertising breaks.
It's far more a long-running series but, if well-written, one precisely without sudden shocks and cliff-hangers.
(It's not going to attract much of an audience, then.  Just those who can't easily change channel: folk with CFS, and their close friends and relatives.)

Let's keep it slow and steady.
Today's episode of "Life with CFS" features a lot of lying down doing nothing much (sometimes the radio is on, and sometimes it isn't) interspersed with a few (and brief) highlights such as assembling simple meals, checking e-mails, Doing a little light experimental Dr Frankenstein work changing the frequency of a radio-control car, and yes, playing with some marbles.
Twenty-four to be precise, in a "knight's move" solitaire game.  This is proving a very satisfactory gentle distraction for when sleep does not want to come, and the brain does not want to sit completely still.

I'm not attacking it like solving a chess problem with a time limit, but playing gently, trying ideas without rigorously analysing them.

Toy does very well as a verb, if you can lose the negative connotation of a cat being cruel.
After all, surely toys should be more for toying with than for obsessive collection-filling.
To my mind, anyway.
And now for some more rest, when I may toy with an idea or two, but nothing more.

One can overdo even playing with toys.

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