Friday 20 July 2012

Pressing buttons experimentally... far from always a good idea.

Arthur Dent: : I wonder what'll happen if I press this button.

Ford Prefect: Don't.

Arthur Dent: (presses it) Oh.

Ford Prefect:What happened?

Arthur Dent: A sign lit up saying "Please do not press this button again."

But the driving and waiting around of yesterday wasn't a random experiment, and it did get an important job done.

Thing is, I don't think I'd care to press that button again, in anything short of most decided need.
Today has been dire, and tomorrow's auguring pretty badly as well.
Pretty much as predicted.
Poor coordination, poor concentration, headache, marked muscle pains in places I didn't know I had muscles, and zero stamina.

That's only recorded as zero stamina because I don't know how to notate negative stamina, even having experienced it: a sort of lower ground state of muscular and mental inertia that has to be overcome before any movement even starts.
Distinct from but co-present with the intellectual awareness of any impending movement that "this is going to hurt."

Let's step on this before it becomes too much of a whinge.
I did the crime, I'll do the time.
I just couldn't see a better option.
Knowing how bad a move this is proving, I'll have to work something out further ahead, next time.

"Work something out"
Extra effort called for, again, just when the resources to engage in such are reduced.
Catch 27?
But a range of "little jobs" loom larger when the scale of "significant effort" changes,  and also when mobility becomes more difficult.
Popping out for an haircut?
Putting a load of washing on and hanging it out to dry.
(forget ironing: that went by the board  some time back, in the early days of flotsam and jetsam.)

The 200 yards  each way to the village shop is not walkable. I don't think it would be were it on the level, which it decidedly is not.
Hence the car, but even so it's not a "on a whim" trip.  That's a whole morning spent, If I do that.  About once a month, currently.

My realm is my house and not even currently the whole of my garden.
Anything beyond that is "abroad".

With better weather forecast, the garden will be demanding more of those precious five minute shifts.
But not a full ration tomorrow, or Sunday, in all probability.
Still some debt to pay off from Thursday.

Let's see some more steady pacing.  
And the avoidance of reckless spending.

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