Saturday 7 July 2012

"Once I built a railroad, I made it run..."

I've certainly built ten of them, at least, in a range of sizes and scales,
even if I don't count the ones that never got finished for a whole raft of reasons.
(Counting those in would at least double the number.  Long stories, most, and not for here.)  

"Once I built a railroad, now it's done..."
Not the great depression wiping out my trains, nor the CFS, quite, but it has has markedly affected their construction, running and exhibition.
(N.B.  It has not "impacted" on them: a vile modern trend.)
A strategy and a lifestyle adjustment are both going to be required.

I was 18 months months ago, well before I was diagnosed, that I realised I was going to have to give up taking my exhibition layout out to shows...
Threefathom Quay now lies dormant (but ready to spring to life.)
The public drove the trains.

Threefathom Quay was supposed to be a temporary replacement for St Torpid's Creek, which after 14 years on the exhibition circuit was due for a rebuild into a fresher and improved version.  That's decidedly on hold.
Neptune pulling the seaside excursion across St Torpid's Creek.
Based on the cartoons of Rowland Emett.

And there definitely won't be a new window display for Halloween this year.  Last year's Dracula line was a make-do and mend itself, and will have to do again.  (A picture or two in season, I think)

Then there's the garden.

Moss captures the branch line
David Attenborough voice: ".. and so we see how, despite the heavy hand of human industry, given half a chance nature will reclaim its own..."
Definitely leaves on the line.
No, all is not lost there, and while with CFS it is very much a matter of selecting which activities to take on, and finding what pace and duration of activity is sustainable, nature is not going to win against the Wheal Strange Light Railway.

Five minutes of activity in the hour, the current approved ration.
Including for things such as getting dressed (if I do) or washed (if I do)
Enough, if I set it as priority, for a linesman to start cutting back the excess growth.   A very little at a time.

Because handling the CFS has to remain the top priority.

But the trains will return.  Because with CFS, there has to be some fun and some achievement, even if re-scaled to match current abilities.
The works train waits as No. 5 with passengers passes on the embankment.

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