Monday 16 July 2012

Under Review.

Firstly, that fifteen minutes in three hours in the garden.
My body is telling me today that that was a bit too much.
Just a few extra weariness markers, and a touch of the "puppet with cut strings" effect.
Noted, for pacing, should another dry day appear in the next century.
(It's back to wind and rain again.)

Secondly a visit from my occupational therapist who, having quizzed me extensively seems pretty pleased, at least with my understanding of the condition and what we are trying to do to manage it.
"Progress" still lies in improving managing pacing and finding the sustainable baseline.
"9% living", at five minutes (mild) activity to fifty-five minutes (almost total) rest seems to be near the mark, but if anything it may have to be tweaked down to four rather than up to six or seven minute of activity, given the symptoms over the review period.

But I'm still learning, and finding where the flexibility lies, and also the firm boundaries.

"Wake me up every 15th of September"
No, not that drastic, yet.

But if thinking of any future plans beyond getting through each day dodging the potential frustration and depression, some considerable re-scaling is going to be required.
"If it takes one man a day to pull 24 weeds and the weeds are multiplying at a rate of... long before he is fatally attacked by triffids?"

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