Sunday 1 July 2012

Failure to ignite.

Not much risk of overdoing it today: my body really didn't want to get started.  Not much pain, and not too much muzziness lurking in the head, but limbs with a definite tinge of lead in them, and therefore the minimal daily rituals ate up most of the available energy.

With some sort of mental judo that was accepted and turned to advantage: if it's going to be one of those days I'm going to enjoy it.
A few pleasant  hours were spent mulling (not quite the same as perusing...) a collection of fragmentary model railway engines  (OK, toy trains) to see in what guise they could best be resurrected by me in my guise as the Dr Frankenstein of the model railway world.

Largely the subconscious at work, supplemented with one or two pieces of self-conversing at a conscious level.
"I" is much easier to type than to understand.

Low stress, low energy.
Even the ranting and bemoaning kept to a minimum.
A sort of no-score win.
(Thank you, Sir Terry Pratchett, for that expression.)

And so to the next round.  The sun will (probably) rise.
And I did so well today that tomorrow I'm going to be allowed to do it again.

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