Tuesday 17 July 2012

"Keep Calm and Carry On"

That's become so popular an expression (with variations and parodies) that it may be heading for cliché status in record time, if it does not quickly fade back into obscurity.
Either are possible in this frantic modern world.

Frantic and fast-paced, however, doesn't suit CSF or a lifestyle aimed at managing it.
Something more steady is a better match even if that isn't what the mainstream of society seems to be, and approve of, and sell.

With the exception of Cadbury's Caramel, perhaps.
(Unfortunately too sweet and sticky for my taste).

But I'm used to being outside the mainstream way of doing things.  Especially in regard to speed, and noise, and bling...

The Asperger brain wiring and experience has actually come in rather handy, here.
Excitement costs energy.  Rage costs energy.  
Worry costs energy.  Speed costs energy.

I've always preferred placid and considered anyway.
And never quite understood what screaming and panicking in a crisis or disaster was supposed to achieve.
(Yes, I've been close enough to such to know it's not just an intellectual leaning of mine.)

I'll return to a favourite cartoonist, Bruce Bairnsfather, who illustrated "Keep calm and carry on" very, very well before it was ever put into a poster.

"Steady, lads, steady..." whatever is going on.
Well, trying for that, at least.   

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